Your Story Matters…

Do you have a story that you know should be out there in the world, creating impact and making waves?

Does your entire being tell you it’s time to share with the world the trials and obstacles you’ve overcome to get where you are?

Maybe you have been long to publish a book, but you’re afraid that you don’t really have a “story” to tell.

But you can do all of those things with your incredibly unique and amazing story, because contrary to what you might believe, you DO have a story, and it absolutely DOES matter!

My name is Heather Andrews,

and it is my true passion to help people like you share your inspiring stories of change, triumph, and revelation to help others experience the same! But before I dive into what that looks like for you, let me give you a little bit of my story and why I am passionate about what I do.

Twenty-four years ago, my life was a nightmare. I found myself in a bad relationship that fuelled my poor self-image and sunk my self-worth to zero like gasoline on a fire. When someone asked me if I loved myself, I could honestly say I didn’t. But I honestly and truly wanted to love myself.

I knew that I had to make a dramatic and difficult change or I was going to have to flush my life down the gutter. I chose the latter, and I ended my ill-fated relationship. Then, through much self-reflection, endless hours of studying self-improvement, receiving outside support and total demolition of the societal pressures that had knocked me down for years, I finally began to rebuild myself. It was like a new building being built in the older part of town – parts of my old life remained around me, but my new self was emerging gracefully and prominently.

I could finally see the sunshine and fully lived in its rays and warmth for the first time.

But, fast forward fourteen years later and life’s pressures caught up with me when my military husband, the father of my three beautiful children, was deployed overseas. Life was suddenly a whirlwind. I was barely functioning and never caught up on my to-do list. I constantly struggled with my health, stress, and overall management of my family.

It was obvious it was time for a change. I knew what I had to do.


I am a successful business owner, health coach, and bestselling author on top of being a fit mom, a happy wife, and an empowered woman.

These two major periods of self-discovery in my life got me to a new level of enjoyment of life I didn’t think was possible before. Not only do I own my business, but I am the head of a functional and fun household. Excitingly enough (or stupidly enough, you can decide), I jumped off a mountain this year after a life spent petrified of heights.

I know I can literally do anything I want to do; there is no stopping me!

And I want this to be the reality for more people like you. There’s no reason to keep this to myself, and I want to share the way to make it happen for you! The very best way I have discovered to distill the learnings that got me here has been to write a chapter of a book about my experience.

The process of writing was a challenge, but one that allowed me to realize my calling as someone who inspires others to their full potential.

Now I want to inspire you to take the plunge and author a book, too!

My vision is for you to create a masterpiece that you are profoundly proud of, slightly embarrassed of (what good book doesn’t have an embarrassing moment or two), and incredibly empowered by!

Your book will be about your journey, your story, your empowerment – whatever it is you feel led to share with the world, I want to help you get that out into the world! Your story deserves to be heard and appreciated just as you have loved and appreciated it. The book you create will be used an inspiration tool to help other people, like you, jump over those obstacles and through those hoops that they might be facing because they saw you come through on the other side!  

Sometimes, we just need a different perspective to change how we think about a situation. Your story could be that new perspective someone is looking for!

When you choose to work with me to publish your book, I will provide for you the following:


Publish your book in a professional and beautifully designed book


Content that is professionally edited with your final stamp of approval


Access to a private Facebook group for support, encouragement, and collaboration


Access to marketing templates to promote the digital launch of the book

Once you decide to take the next step to publish your story, we’ll get to work on professionally publishing your book and your story so that the world can see all of the inspiration you have to offer!

WhoohooOoOooo! Our book hit best seller, keep it coming with the support, the shares, the purchases… it matters because this means the message of self-love is spreading to many people out there!

Thank you to the publisher, Heather Andrews and her team, without you we couldn’t have done this. The journey has been so smooth, supportive, flawless, uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring. 

I highly recommend that if you ever want to publish a book, go with Heather Andrews! She is incredible and knows what she is doing!!! She will take the overwhelm out of everything! <3

Rosalyn Fung

Publishing Services and Beyond

We don’t just offer publishing services – we also provide a variety of unparalleled quality services through:

Solo authorship of your story

Co-authored compilations to combine powerful stories that intertwine and create massive impacts

Hardback and paperback copies of your book

Audiobook versions to reach a wider audience



Podcast setup and publishing

If you’re looking for an outlet to share your story and help others along the same journey you are/were on, we would love to help get everything in place and make your dreams a reality!

When I started my publishing company, I had just gone through one of the toughest transitions in my life AND put it out to the world in writing!! It was then that I knew I wanted to give others the opportunity to do the same and experience the same type of transformation that I did!

Your story is so important to others – everyone wants to know and believe that they are not suffering through a tough time but have someone who’s been there with them and can help them along the way!

Your book will change lives, and it will create an impact that you never knew could exist! It’s time to start making waves and creating life-change!

And remember that all of those obstacles you’ve gone through and jumped over can be some of your biggest opportunities! What are you waiting for – YOUR time is now!